2023 Trend Colors; Cotton Candy Pink

2023 Trend Renklerinden; Pamuk Şekeri Pembesi

2023 Trend Colors; Cotton Candy Pink

With the announcement of the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie, Barbie 2023 color trends, which made a quick and impressive entry into the fashion world, are decisive on many combinations. Since the announcement of the movie, thousands of people on Instagram and TikTok have been signing candy pink combinations, also known as Barbie pink. The number of pieces reflecting this trend, from blouses to skirts and dresses, is quite high. If you want to create the coolest and funniest combinations with candy pink, which is among the most dynamic trends among 2023 spring-summer fashion colors, you can find all the tips in this article!

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Combination Suggestions with Pink Color

Combining assertive, bright and vibrant pink color may seem difficult at first glance. However, it is not difficult to create stylish and cool looks by paying attention to some important details and style tips. There are many color tones that you can use when combining pink. If Barbie pink is an overly assertive color for you, you can get sophisticated and safe elegance by using it with cold dark tones of black and navy blue. For this, you can combine a candy pink blouse , navy blue denim skirt and sneakers.

If you're not afraid to look stunning and assertive, it's also a good idea to mix candy pink with warm red or orange for summer night chic. Another way to attract attention is to use different tones of pink in the same combination. You can bring Margot Robbie elegance to summer days by wearing it with a Barbie pink blouse , powder pink cargo pants and heels in the same tones. You can spice up Barbie pink combinations by adding silver or gold accents for an elegant and rich look. Finally, look for candy pink prints or patterns for a bold Barbiecore look.

Barbie Style with Pink Skirt Combinations

You may have started imagining pink skirt combinations to catch the Barbiecore trend that erupted on TikTok and then on Instagram with the Barbie movie. Pleated midi skirt can be a great start for pink color combinations. It is very easy to create a striking effect by choosing a crop blouse and orange accessories in the same tones over a pleated midi candy pink skirt . If you like contrast details, you can wear a turquoise shirt over a mini stone detailed skirt, and create a perfect summer combination with silver-colored stone sandals.

If you want to reflect the Barbiecore trend in your street style, you can try wearing it with casual pieces such as a gipped mini pink skirt , slogan t-shirt and white sneakers. You can create striking looks on summer evenings by creating a tonal combination with neon pink pleated shorts, skirts and powder-toned buttoned vests. If you want to create a sophisticated and striking style without taking risks, you can try interpreting the Barbie style as a double team with a button-up front and cropped jacket.

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Stunning Combinations with Candy Pink Dress

The sophisticated elegance of candy pink dress models may be the only piece you need this season to look effortlessly glamorous. You can upgrade your outfit by combining an underwire strapless dress with platform heeled sandals and 90s-influenced accessories such as hoop earrings for a striking and bright look. You can wear this pink dress with a round neckline and slits with a denim jacket and sandals to create a Barbie vibe with street trends.

If you need inspiration for combination suggestions with pink color at summer evening parties, you can feel the 90's disco air with a shirred satin dress and silver heels. Or, you can reflect the Barbie vibe to your style by completing pleated cut-out dresses with powder-toned blazer jacket models.

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