While designing each Quzu in his closet, it was created freely, without fitting into any molds. It is produced to make you feel more comfortable and better in the heat, in the cold, in the rain, and in those most wonderful moments when the sun warms you.


Our company has been operating since 2010. QUZU continues to maintain its place in both wholesale sales under the name of QUZU since 2010 and e-commerce and retail sector under the name of QUZU ONLINE since 2020.

  • Our purpose

    We offer the balance of quality and price in fashion and style with a unique digital shopping experience to influence the whole world, especially Turkey. We add unique value at every stage, from working and collaboration methods to growth mindset and competitive approach. Our aim; To create strong and safe relationships in the fashion industry by acting together with our employees, partners and customers to create a forward-thinking, energetic and positive impact. We are working with all our strength to spread the corporate culture and strategies of positivity, equality and well-being in every aspect throughout the fashion industry. By offering fashion to women of all ages and styles, we welcome solution partners from different parts of the world. In this regard, we aim to continue to grow as we explore new markets by establishing relationships with customers and suppliers in different parts of the world.

  • Our goal

    We act with the goal of becoming a global brand, believing in affordable, stylish and quality fashion for women around the world. Our vision is to make our name among the top three most successful women's clothing brands in Turkey and the global markets we operate in. We follow innovations most closely in order to become a fashion and lifestyle brand for all occasions for women of all ages and styles in different parts of the world. In order to create women who look and feel confident, we continue our global activities without slowing down and develop proactive and creative solutions suitable for the dynamic atmosphere of the fashion world. We rely on our strong relationships with our suppliers to offer our customers the coolest, quality and trendiest products at a great price. Although we have made great progress in our journey so far, we continue to reach new customers and stakeholders with the vision of creating value in the global and local market by 2027.


To be one of the three most successful women's clothing brands in Turkey and the international markets we are in by 2027 by providing innovative and reliable solutions to the ever-changing needs of the fashion world in the fastest way.


It offers fashion and trends at accessible prices to everyone without compromising on quality, and gathers women of all age groups with different styles under one roof, giving them a digital experience they have never had before; By maintaining our flexible, fast and competitive attitude, we embrace the corporate culture in which our employees and customers trust and our solution partners are permanent.