What Are The Trend Colors Of This Year?

Bu Senenin Trend Renkleri Neler?

What Are The Trend Colors Of This Year?

As every year, the colors of the year, announced by the world color authority Pantone, started to come to the fore in many areas from clothing to home decoration. The colors of 2023, exhibited both in street style and on the catwalks, present different reflections from bright tones to pastel colors. Colors such as mint green, sweet and eye-catching fuchsia, calm pink and blue, the symbol of eternity, are some of the tones that will mark the season. The 2023 color selection, which mediates towards free, enthusiastic and high-joy energies, helps people to express themselves in an exciting way. So, what are the 2023 trend colors? How should you combine these colors? If you want to learn about the fashion colors of this season, you can read our article now.

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2023 Which Colors Are in Fashion?

This season's trendy colors are an energetic mix of different hues. The color selection of the season, which includes both lively and pastel tones, appeals to every mood with its active and calm energies. You can get an idea of ​​some of the season's highlights below:

Apple Mint

The apple mint tone, which was fashionable in the past years and then left its place to dark greens, is determined to take over the throne again this season. Mint green, one of the inspiring colors of nature and peace, is among the most preferred in new generation color trends. apple mint, a cool-toned green; It is the representative of spaciousness, freshness and brightness.


Fuchsia , one of the most popular colors of 2023, is one of the tones most identified with Viva Magenta, which Pantone has determined as the color of the year. Vibrant, dynamic and stylish, fuchsia is by far one of the most popular colors of the year with its bright appearance and enthusiastic energy.


Pink , which is a softer shade of fuchsia, makes a name for itself as the universal color of love. It is possible to use pink tones, which have meanings such as sincerity, compassion, harmony and balance, both in daily clothes and on special occasions. Pink is also among the most preferred accessories.


One of the calm and sophisticated colors, blue is one of the most used tones both in summer and winter. Being a unisex color, blue is everyone's favorite; It activates energies such as eternity, peace and serenity. This color, which is indispensable for top clothing, bottom clothing, dresses and evening dresses, is also popular in business life.


The coral color, which is a combination of pink and orange, has an energy that adds softness and calmness to classic orange tones. Coral color, reminiscent of peach tones, is one of the most preferred colors, especially for romantic textured clothes or to add a soft atmosphere to lively designs. It is possible to create sophisticated associations with coral, the modern and more up-to-date version of orange.

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How to Combine This Season's Fashion Colors?

Among the collection products of QUZU, which are updated every season, the colors of the 2023 season come to the fore. By combining the season colors correctly, you can both look up-to-date and increase your elegance. Here are the suggestions for combining the colors of the season:

  • Tweed jackets are one of the most popular pieces of the season. You can complement the fuchsia double-breasted blazer jacket model with the same color tweed skirt, fuchsia stockings and nude crop-top blouses, and you can draw attention on special occasions.

  • How would you like to be the star of the environment with the blue satin trousers model with elastic waist? You can go on a date with your friends by pairing your pants with gray crop tops and rubber boots.

  • You can combine the mint double-breasted oversize coat model with your ecru sweater and trousers, and you can make your name known in the office with your sophisticated elegance.

For you above, “What colors are in fashion in 2023?” We answered the question. You can make different combinations and activate your style with the pieces consisting of 2023 season colors that you will choose from the QUZU collections.

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