Combination Suggestions with Crop Top Pieces

Crop Top Parçalar ile Kombin Önerileri

Combination Suggestions with Crop Top Pieces

While the crop top is seen as a new fashion trend for many, it has actually been a part of fashion for a long time. Crop top models, which have been among women's clothing since the 1960s, seem to have evolved and survived until today. Crop tops became popular, especially in the hippie culture of the 1970s, the aerobics era in the 1980s, and the leadership of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in the 1990s. In the 70s, mostly athletes and bodybuilders preferred cropped tops because they wanted to show their abs in the gym. In short, crops have always existed, but they weren't that popular. Crop tops are present in almost all trends today, especially in street fashion. The reason for this is that it can be adapted to any desired style and can be worn in all seasons. Because cropped tops are designed not only for wearing in summer, but also for combining in autumn and winter. Knitwear or tweed crop tops or combed, satin crops go perfectly with blazers. If you want to get caught in the crop top wind and adapt to the street fashion, you can find the combination tips for every mood in the rest of the article.

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What is a Crop Top?

Crop top is a general name for tops that are cut short enough to expose the belly button. Because crop top models have different designs such as strapless, strapless, one shoulder, short-long sleeves. There are also halterneck, double-tie or shirred crop tops available. Crop tops do not have a standard size. In this way, you can choose according to your style and physical characteristics, and you can decide according to the waist height of the skirt or trousers you prefer. Each one is suitable for versatile use. For example, you can wear a strappy crop top blouse alone with a skirt, choose it over a t-shirt, or create a semi-formal combination with a blazer. Crop top blazer combinations are generally preferred for office or casual looks, but you can create your own style by pairing different blazer jackets with classic or unique crops.

How to Combine Crop Top?

Crop top models consist of excellent alternatives for top clothing models such as t-shirts, blouses and bustiers. Therefore, the combination options are almost unlimited. You can include almost any top with a short cut, especially crop t-shirts, crop tops, crop knit sweaters, in your combinations. You don't have to have a size zero or a flat stomach, thanks to the variety. Because there is an ideal crop top combination for every body type. Here are the tips you can evaluate in crop top combinations:

  • Wear a blazer over it: Crop tops look perfect under blazers. In this way, you can create a mysterious, luxurious and stylish look without leaving your entire belly and waist exposed. For invitations, you can choose a black jacket, white crop top, black mom pants and a red sandal.

  • Wear high waist trousers or skirts: If you do not want to expose your abdomen too much, you can give priority to high waist trousers. This is already a classic image. High waist shorts and skirt models are also among your choices. On hot summer days, you can get a fresh and stylish combination with high waist white shorts, yellow strappy crop top and straw sandals.

  • Choose a loose crop top: Crop tops designed in the form of a t-shirt have a very loose fit. It is an ideal piece for joggers, baggy cargo pants or denim shorts. You can choose black crop tops or printed models in casual and sports combinations.

  • Wear flared trousers for a bohemian style: When you think of bohemian style, long skirts and knitted clothes come to mind. One of them is flared trousers. The best model you can choose to complete this combination is knitted crop tops. Suspended crop tops can create an ethnic style according to the piece you combine.

  • Get inspired by crop knitwear in spring: Crop knitwear is indispensable for cardigan combinations. At the same time, you can choose short or long cardigans, and reflect the spring freshness to your combination with denim skirt models. It is enough to wear a sneaker in pastel colors underneath.

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When to Wear a Crop Top?

There is no time to wear a crop top. Although they are seen as summer pieces, you can wear a strappy crop top over a long-sleeved t-shirt, or you can layer them with knitwear crop tops. You can wear it inside a denim jacket or complete your tweed skirt-jacket set with a black crop top. Therefore, you don't have to wait for summer to wear a crop top, it's enough to combine your fashion tastes and integrate the crop top into your spring outfit. You can continue to reflect your style at any time by wearing a loose crop top over a long-sleeved classic knitwear. If you always like to make crop top combinations, you can find different crops such as colorful, suspenders, loose, stretchy or knitwear in Quzu collections, and you can show your love for crops at any time.

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