What You Need to Know About Crop Top Models

Crop Üst Modellerine Dair Bilmen Gerekenler

What You Need to Know About Crop Top Models

One of the pieces that come to mind when it comes to street fashion in recent years is crop tops. These blouses, which have the advantage of being combined in different ways and are known as a perfect wear-and-go model, have brought a new perspective to the concept of bustier. It is possible to make interesting daily combinations with crop tops, which add a different atmosphere to t-shirt models . Designs that appear in sweater and cardigan models in the winter months are designed as blouses, t-shirts and tank tops in the summer months. So, what does crop top mean and how to combine these designs? If you want to learn more about crop designs, you can examine all the details.

What is Crop?

Crop cut means a blouse that is open to the belly. These tops have been on the fashion scene since the early 1900s and have become increasingly popular in recent years. Cropped models, which are indispensable for street fashion, create a perfect harmony with high-waist bottom clothing pieces.

What are Crop Top Models?

Crop top models have some differences in terms of patterns and design details. It is possible to make modern combinations with crop-cut models suitable for summer and winter months. Here are the prominent crop top types…

Crop Blouse : Crop blouses are among the timeless and stylish pieces. These pieces, which end just above the navel, have different design features such as scoop neckline, underwire or knotted. You can look cool by choosing a blouse according to the bottom clothing item you will wear.

Crop T-Shirt : Crop t-shirts are in the form of short t-shirts that end above the navel. It is especially ideal for a harmonious combination with tracksuit bottoms and tights . You can make many different combinations with white, gray and black cropped t-shirts.

Strappy Crop : Strappy crop blouses are the most commonly used pieces among all short cut models. These pieces, decorated with cross-linking details such as rings and chains, are ideal when you want to look stylish and eye-catching. Basic strap models are among the savior models in daily life.

Discover Crop Tops!

Crop Jacket : Crop jackets are very suitable pieces to pair with trousers in winter and spring. You can have a style compatible with street fashion by purchasing these jackets in different colors and textures.

Crop Cardigan : Crop cardigans have a wide variety, from thick knitted models to finely textured summer ones. You can combine slim models with your strappy blouse on summer evenings or wear them as a single piece.

Crop Sweater : Crop sweaters, which form an ideal team with high-waisted bottom clothing products in the winter months, are the choice of those who want to look modern. You can combine these models, which come in different textures, in accordance with the piece you will wear underneath.

How to Make Crop Top Combinations?

Strappy Crop-Shorts: Crop models with chain detailed straps are ideal pieces to create a stylish and elegant atmosphere. You can attend evening parties and attract attention with your elegant look by wearing bone-toned fabric shorts under your ecru-coloured halter blouse.

Crop T-Shirt-Sweatpants: Crop t-shirts are ideal for places where you want to look comfortable. You can combine a gray cropped t-shirt with a white elasticated tracksuit bottom and create interest with your sporty style by wearing white sneakers underneath.

Crop Blouse-Skirt: You can make a name for yourself with a crop blouse you choose for special occasions. You can pair a bone color cropped blouse with gathered shoulders with a linen skirt in the same tones, and dazzle with your assertive style by completing your look with matching gold jewelry and sandals.

Discover Crop Combinations!

Crop top blouses, one of the savior pieces of summer, are with you in QUZU collections! You can place your order by immediately determining your favorite product and keep your finger on the pulse of fashion by making different combinations.

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