Combinations According to Your Body Structure with Spanish Leg Pants

İspanyol Paça Pantolon ile Vücut Yapınıza Göre Kombinler

Combinations According to Your Body Structure with Spanish Leg Pants

Flared trousers , one of the most favorite underwear products of recent times, are not actually a new fashion trend. These trousers, which first appeared in the 1970s and became the favorite of all users, men and women, are one of the pieces that left their mark on the 1990s after being forgotten for a while. However, denim , fabric flared trousers are everywhere now and are a timeless combination item. In this way, you can include flared trousers in your combinations as you wish, and you can use them in all styles, whether retro or modern. Because flared trousers collections are now more colorful, eye-catching and versatile. You can also combine lycra, slit, patterned, leather , high waist or denim bell-bottom models from day to night and take advantage of their advantages at any time. If you haven't decided what kind of style you want yet, you can take a look at our combinations with Spanish trousers.

Which Body Type Are Flared Trousers Suitable For?

Spanish-leg jeans models are a preferred piece almost all year. However, if you haven't tried it before, you may not know whether these pieces fit the proportions and what kind of flare trousers you should choose. However, the versatility of flared trousers and the different leg openings have a wide range to help you find your ideal fit. Because these wide-leg pants are the perfect way to achieve a natural hourglass look. Especially if you have broad shoulders, flared trousers combination options are just for you to align your hips with shoulder width. On the other hand, if you want a slimmer waist look, you can choose high-waisted flared trousers and try models with slits. High waist jeans or fabric flare trousers are an easy way to show your hips fuller. While the high waist makes the waist look thin, the tight structure of the jeans hugs the hips and creates a fuller look. You can reinforce this perfect look with a crop body, sweatshirt or a front-tied shirt.

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Spanish Trousers in Tights

Leather flared trousers models, which are frequently used in autumn and winter, create warm looks, while thin and slit flared leggings models allow you to make ideal combinations for summer and spring months. Because patterned flared trousers are worn all year, but thin flared leggings models are suitable for warmer seasons. However, of course, there are also thick, woven and knit bell-bottomed tights and are ideal for the winter months. For this reason, you can show your love for flared tights all year, and you can create fun, stylish and attractive combinations. Cropped leggings models produced in colorful, patterned or neutral colors usually wrap tightly from the hips and move forward by opening down from the knee. Thus, it can be easily shaped according to other parts used. For example, in summer, you can pair an ankle strap sandal with slit models and make elegant combinations.

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How to Combine with Slit Flared Trousers?

Slit flared trousers combinations can be complemented with both sporty and classic pieces, allowing you to achieve extremely simple or extraordinary looks. The slit detail can have different heights and accessories. For this reason, it is possible to choose flared trousers with slits anywhere and anytime, from night to day, from office to campus. In your combinations, you can create classic, sports and retro looks by adding your original style. For example, you can make an office combination with fabric black bell-bottom trousers, a black cropped sweater and a stylish belt, or you can use this combination with sneakers to get an ideal school combination. Because denim, fabric or lycra flared trousers are as versatile as neutral colors and can be combined with each piece in different combinations.

If you want to match your wardrobe with flared trousers, you can browse the Quzu collections and make combinations suitable for street fashion.

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