Patterned Pieces You Can Include In Your Combinations

Kombinlerinizde Yer Verebileceğiniz Desenli Parçalar

Patterned Pieces You Can Include In Your Combinations

One of the easiest ways to look assertive in the fashion world, where different colors and models come to the fore every year, is the use of patterns. It is possible to use many different pattern types in your clothes, from ethnic motifs that have been trending in recent years to zebra patterns, from leopard patterns that are classics to plaid patterns. However, you have to pay attention to some rules when combining patterned pieces. Otherwise, you may look grueling and scruffy with your clothes. So, what are the patterns you can choose to look remarkable and how should you combine them? Here are all the details you need to know…

What are Patterned Clothing Options?

Patterns are among the items that enrich the fashion world. Thanks to the patterns interpreted in different ways by fashion designers every year, the clothes take on a much more eye-catching style. Patterns, which are frequently used in the evolutionary process of fashion history, manage to enter the trend list again today. The most preferred patterned clothes are as follows:

Patterned Coat: Patterned coats are the favorite of those who want to add a glamorous look to their style in the autumn-winter season. In your coat to attract all eyes with your extraordinary outerwear; You can use lines, geometric shapes or zebra patterns. If you are one of those who find the patterned coat too ambitious, then you can keep the use of patterns to a minimum with the zebra patterned sweater models.

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Patterned Coat: Patterned coats are the favorite of those who prefer to stand out in street fashion, just like coats. Patterns used in coats; It stands out with gingham, plaid, geometric motifs and flower figures. With patterned coat models, you can have both a romantic and a feminine style.

Mixed Patterned Sweatshirt: Sweatshirts seem to maintain their popularity for many more years. Shabby sweatshirt models, designed according to the oversize trend, are among the most popular clothing products of young people with different patterns as well as plain colors. To add a different style to your sweatshirt, which is the constant player of street fashion, you can give a chance to mixed pattern sweatshirt models animated with batik patterns, monochrome colors or geometric shapes.

Ethnic Patterned Dress: Ethnic dresses that offer a look as if they came out of modern fairy tales are the choice of those who adopt authentic style. Patterns in which natural forms, trees, flowers and geometric shapes are used together seem to add a different spirit to dresses this season. If you are looking for a strong alternative to ethnic patterned dress models, the zebra pattern dress is for you!

Leopard Patterned Jacket: It is one of the most suitable patterns for leopard jackets, which reveals all the charm of the wild nature. If you are going to choose a leopard print jacket, you can choose products made of quality materials and use your jacket as a star piece in special events. If you can't give up on this pattern in your clothing, then leopard print blouse models are just for you!

Patterned Double Suit: The duo suits, which have been on the rise in recent years, are now even more popular with their different patterns. You can get a stylish and attractive stance with patterned trousers, skirts and patterned jacket sets . You can draw all eyes on you by wearing this type of clothing on special occasions, invitations or parties. You can choose from retro patterns such as polka dots or futuristic patterns made of geometric shapes.

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How Should Patterned Pieces Be Combined?

It is necessary to pay attention to some points when using patterns, which are one of the timeless fashion trends, in clothes. To properly balance the dazzling look of patterns, you can pay attention to these points:

When using assertive pieces such as patterned jackets or coats, you can choose the dominant color in the pattern as the main color and choose other combination pieces from this color.

If patterned clothes seem very glamorous to you, then you can limit the use of patterns to accessories.

By choosing shoes and bags in nude tones when using a patterned dress , you can catch all eyes on the dress and achieve a more balanced look.

You can create dynamic styles by including the patterned pieces above in your wardrobe, and you can take your style to the top with the right combination suggestions. The patterned pieces you need are waiting for you in QUZU collections!

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