Attractive Combinations with Contrast Colors

Kontrast Renkler ile Dikkat Çeken Kombinler

Attractive Combinations with Contrast Colors

One of the most important details in combinations is to match and harmonize colors. For this reason, the colors of the year have been chosen for many years and similar tones adorn the showcases. But this is not the case with contrasting colors. Using a contrast color in the combination means matching clothes made of completely opposite colors. For example, the most famous contrast combination items are black and white pieces. Black trousers and a white blouse are key pieces, but it is an ideal example for the use of contrasting colors. But this is known to everyone and can increase the probability of making the same combination with many women. For this, you can use less known contrasting colors and show your difference in extraordinary combinations. You can take a look at our contrast color combination guide to discover the fun world of contrasting colors and create unique combinations.

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What Are Contrast Colors?

The color wheel is the most important tool for understanding contrast hues. Grouping colors goes back to Isaac Newton. Therefore, almost everyone knows contrast colors. But it is not so easy to understand the exact opposite color of each color, that is, the contrasting complementary colors. The most well-known contrasting colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red - green, orange - blue or yellow - purple. When contrasting colors are placed side by side, both look much more vibrant and intense. For this reason, if you want to get an extremely striking combination, you can also take advantage of this power of contrast colors. To create contrast, you need to choose a color from the "dark" side of the color circle, where red, blue and purple are the colors. The other color should be from the “light” side where the yellow, orange and green colors are. In this way, you can be sure that the pieces you will use in your combination create contrast.

Combination Suggestions with Contrasting Colors

Combining colors in clothes is quite fun. Especially if you prefer multi-colored combinations, contrast combinations are just for you. At the same time, the combined pieces do not have to consist of a single color. For example, leather or jeans with two legs finished in different colors will also help you make contrast pairings. Quzu collections feature tons of products that complement each other perfectly. For example, you can create an effortless combination with a fuchsia, turquoise jacket and shorts in the same colors. However, it is possible to create contrast from patterned pieces, provided that they contain very small patterns. So what do you need to make a contrast combination? A little imagination and color knowledge of course. Since you can access color information from anywhere, all you have to do is imagine. In this way, you can combine a green plush sweater with a red patent leather skirt , and you can dress like a fashion icon with your extraordinary and lively combination. You don't have to worry if you can't get completely opposite shades of colors. You can use orange instead of red and turquoise instead of green.

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Considerations When Using Contrast Colors in Clothing

When it comes to contrast, you don't need to use harmonious colors in combinations. Because contrast also means establishing a balance within the dissonances. Especially in the fashion industry, everything can harmonize with each other. All you have to do is match the right colour, fabric or design. You can make up your own fashion rules, as this also varies from person to person. Contrast combinations are a great help in this regard. It helps you be free about your combinations. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to choose trousers , skirts, shorts or coats that you are comfortable in and match the colors with their contrasts. For example, to make a contrast combination in pink and blue tones, it is enough to pay attention to the darkness of the colors. Fuchsia shorts and a turquoise cropped shirt make a good contrast combination. Yellow blouse and purple skirt are perfect choices for a summer outfit. If you want to stand out with every combination, you can benefit from the impressive harmony of contrast colors, and you can already discover contrast clothes thanks to the Quzu collections.

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