Stylish Combination Suggestions for Parties and Special Occasions

Parti ve Özel Davetler İçin Şık Kombin Önerilerii

When it comes to party, the first thing that comes to mind is satin and glittery clothes. All these make you look remarkable, but sparkles may not always be enough to make a good party outfit. You need to match the fabrics correctly, choose the stone or metal colors of the accessories in harmony, and wear shoes that complement the combination. Of course, all these details are also valid in casual outfits, but a mismatched piece is noticed more quickly in striking party outfits. For this, for example, you can complement a metallic black dress with a red stiletto, pick up a satin handbag and choose shiny earrings. Your black dress with straps is the basic part of the outfit and all other elements should not deflate your dress, on the contrary, it should support it.

Whether it is party or special invitation combinations, fashion is not limited to your imagination. Therefore, you can freely mix colors, but you may need to follow this rule if the party's clothing concept is predetermined. It may not be right for you to go to a party designated as a jean & t-shirt with a black satin dress, but it is possible to choose a satin blouse and jeans.

What to Wear to the Party?

If black basic dresses are a life-saving piece in casual wear, it is also for party and invitation combinations, because black mini dress is one of the most easily shapeable pieces. It is quite easy to highlight a plain, accessory-free and shimmering black dress. For example, you can wear a stone belt, a patent leather pink stiletto, and you can choose pink sparkly earrings. In this way, your black dress can turn into a perfect party dress.

So what should you choose if you want to shop for a party outfit? As stated at this stage, you should buy pieces that fit the party concept, but there are also pieces that can fit almost any concept. For example, after-party dresses allow you to attend almost any party with their mini, low-cut, sparkly and accessory details. All you have to do is choose the one that best reflects you and the one that best suits your body type among the party dresses.

You can choose chiffon dress models, which are among the comfortable, stylish and flashy models. Short, shabby, mini, long slit, suspenders or long sleeved chiffon dresses are ideal for summer parties. Many chiffon dresses are designed with patterns and are perfect for after parties.

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How to Combine Party Dresses?

Sometimes you need special outfits for an anniversary, wedding, business dinner or reception. Women often choose prom or cocktail dresses for such events as these elegant and beautifully detailed dresses are designs suitable for almost any special occasion. So how should you combine these clothes? In fact, it is quite easy to combine party dresses, skirts, shirts or blouses. As long as you pay attention to a few tricks, it is not possible to make a wrong and incompatible combination. Here are some tips you can use to combine party dresses:

Make sure to choose the right fabric: Satin dresses are one of the best choices for the party. However, it is not clear what kind of combination items satin fabrics can be used with. For this reason, you can complete the combination without risk by choosing pieces such as satin strap dress, thin strap sandals, satin handbag. In metallic and sparkly combinations, you can use pieces with matte fabrics.

Highlight the essential piece: Party dresses alone are eye-catching enough. For this reason, you should not shade it with much more sparkly and colorful pieces. You can of course also choose a red patent leather shoe as the base piece. In this case, it is enough to wear a simple dress.

Support with accessories: The main element that completes your look, regardless of party or daily combination, is accessories. Some pieces, such as sequined blouses, do not require accessories, but a mini black dress looks more elegant with a body chain or flashy necklaces. At the same time, you can choose your bag and buckles among the metallic models.

Keep your jewelry simple: You need to pay attention to your outfit when choosing jewelry, because all party dresses, except for the black basic dresses, are extremely flashy. For this reason, you can choose your jewelry from simple and elegant models with pearls, natural stones and silver/gold colours.

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Combination Tips to Stand Out at Special Occasions

In addition to party dresses, it is possible to make special invitation combinations thanks to many pieces. For example, pieces such as satin shirts, black fabric pants, mini skirts can be preferred both for casual wear and for special events. You can match mini skirts and satin shirts to create stylish and elegant looks. Satin skirts are also ideal for perfect invitation looks. You can team up with a satin shirt and a satin skirt.

So how can you stand out at a special occasion? What you need to do for this is to make a combination suitable for the party concept. For example, the slit midi dress is extremely striking. Spaghetti strap dresses are also ideal for you to look attractive. You can complement your combination with patent leather stilettos, because stilettos are always eye-catching and complement your party outfit perfectly.

If you need more tips for party outfits, you can check out our stylish guide for parties and special occasions. If you want to shine and look attractive in special events, you can take a look at the shiny, chain-detailed, flashy and versatile party dresses in Quzu collections, and you can create your own party set from shirts and mini skirts.

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