Popular Products in Street Style

Sokak Stilinde Popüler Ürünler

Popular Products in Street Style

The fact that fashion trends are constantly updated and changing is closely related to the similarities of cultures and the development of technologies. Newly discovered fabrics, sewing techniques and changing looks are just some of the valid reasons to discover new pieces. However, there are parts that do not wear out even after centuries have passed. Street style is the perfect blend of almost all of these. Crop models or skirt-jacket sets , which have been in fashion trends since the 80s, are among these pieces. At the same time, denim jackets or jeans are among the indispensables of street fashion. These designs are offered in looks that are both unforgettable and constantly modernized. In this way, it is possible to adapt to street style with almost any crop blouse , high waist trousers , oversize shirt , strappy dress or ripped shorts.

Here is our fashion guide for all the pieces that reflect street style and the combinations you can make!

How to Make a Combination Suitable for Street Fashion?

Crop-cut pieces frequently preferred by women in street fashion are blouses , t-shirts , jackets , coats or shirts . So what is such a popular “crop top?” Crop top is a fashion term used for tops that expose the navel. Blouse, shirt, coat, jacket or bodysuit models can be cropped. One of the first reasons for its emergence is that in the 80s and 90s, a lot of high waist trousers were worn and a comfortable top was needed. The main reason why it is fashionable is that it offers comfortable, stylish, sporty and attractive images. It is possible to make extremely classic and formal combinations with crop models. It can be easily paired with crop tops, skirts and trousers , which are in combination styles suitable for street fashion. Crop jackets , consisting of colorful options, not only allow you to reflect your unique style in autumn or winter months, but also allow you to make modern matches with the fashion trends of the year. For this reason, you can always achieve modern looks by including crop pieces in your wardrobe.

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Interesting Looks with Fashion Colors of the Year

When it comes to street style clothing, there are standout pieces for every season of the year. Especially autumn street style consists of very colorful designs. The reason for this is that summer colors continue to dominate and winter tones begin to reflect in the combinations. The fashionable colors of the year in spring are generally a combination of vibrant and pastel tones, as they are inspired by flowers. For example, specific colors such as dusty rose, brown tones, nude colors, mold and rust attract great attention in the autumn months. However, these colors are mainly used in trousers and coats. Wide-leg trousers, which are a favorite all year round, are an indispensable part of short coat combinations, regardless of whether they are denim or in different colors. Wide trousers and tight top combinations offer both retro and modern looks. With its high waist options, it allows you to match it with many top clothing products. However, women's wide trouser models have been a part of street fashion for many years. Since it is offered in various designs, it has options such as wide leg , mom , and bell bottom. You can easily choose all these trousers according to your body type or clothing habits.

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Creating Street Style with Timeless Pieces

Denim jackets and trousers are among the most timeless pieces, just like overalls and overalls. You may need such pieces to adapt to street fashion and create timeless combinations. For example, you can pair an oversize jacket and strapless crop blouse with wide-leg fabric trousers and stylish sandals. The white crop top is one of the timeless pieces thanks to its neutral color and design. She always offers looks in line with fashion trends with floral dresses. In this way, you can create any combination you want by using floral patterns and denim pieces together. Crop coat models can be designed in almost any color and style. Therefore, by purchasing a model that suits your style, you can benefit from all the advantages of having a timeless piece in your wardrobe.

If you want to create combinations that match your street style, you can take a look at the Quzu collections and find all the pieces you are looking for, from crop blouses to coats, wide trousers to oversized jackets.

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