Kimono Combination Suggestions

Kimono Kombin Önerileri

Kimono Combination Suggestions

One of the pieces that keep the pulse of fashion, kimonos begin to take their place in the wardrobes of stylish women as the sun shows its face. With their colorful patterns, symmetrical cuts and high quality fabric textures, kimono models, when combined correctly, add a privileged atmosphere to styles. If you want to keep up with the kimono fashion with an eye-catching combination, you can take a look at the suggestions.

What is a kimono?

Reflecting the lines of Japanese culture, the kimono is one of the clothes worn by the Japanese on special occasions and traditional events. Featuring a fine fabric texture and long sleeve design, these traditional outfits are detailed with colors and patterns. Patterns and symbols embroidered on kimonos carry cultural meaning. An example is the kikyo pattern, also known as the violet flower, symbolizing loyalty. Long kimono models, which are tied with a belt called obi, are designed with different features for men and women. While wide-sleeved kimonos are preferred for women, simpler and darker designs are prepared for men. This traditional dress, which has been reinterpreted with modern lines and carried to the fashion world, affects the whole world. It offers an advantage as it can be used at any time of the day and in every area. Promising an elegance extending from the street to the office, from the day to the night, kimonos increase the sparkle of the combinations.

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How to Combine with Kimono?

Kimonos are an iconic piece of clothing. It is very important to make the right combination in order not to overshadow the eye-catching elegance of these clothes. At this point, “How to make a combination with a kimono?” question comes to mind. Thanks to the suggestions prepared for you, you can easily make the most suitable choice for your style.

Kimonos that Mark Everyday Style

You can easily add dynamism to your daily style with kimonos. Colorful kimonos, which are among the indispensables of summer days, can be combined with a basic T-shirt and wide-leg trousers. You can increase the dose of elegance by completing your combination with loafers or flat shoes. For a more sporty look, you can choose sneaker shoes.

Indispensable for Holidays Kimono Models

The kimono, which has a wide range of products, is one of the key pieces of holiday suitcases. With details such as chiffon, ruffles and tassels, it allows you to draw all the attention on both the beaches and summer evenings. You can make an iconic entrance to beach fashion with designs on which you will feel the energy of tropical and ethnic inspired lines. A blue kimono with chain accessories and tassels that you can use on a white swimsuit or bikini can be an elegant choice. Linen kimono models are also among the savior parts of the summer season. Thanks to the advantage of the fabric texture, it can allow you to breathe a little in the scorching heat. You can complete your style created with light-colored jeans and cropped jeans with a linen kimono model with embroidery details. You can stand out on summer evenings with an elegant heeled shoe.

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Kimono Designs That Raise Office Elegance

Standing out not only with their elegance but also with their comfortable use, kimonos shape the office style. It can accompany long working hours with its light fabric texture and comfortable cuts. You can get a striking office style by combining a tassel detail and beige suede kimono with trousers with the same fabric texture. Double-sided kimonos are among the most preferred models with their optional use. These models, which can highlight original styles with their privileged design, appeal to innovation lovers. If you want to carry the elegance of kimono in every aspect of your life, you can take a look at the eye-catching Quzu collection. You can create eye-catching styles thanks to the collection, which includes many different women's kimono models, from short to long, with shawl collar and tie detail.

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