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Patterned T-Shirt Models

Printed t-shirts are always among the most basic items of wardrobes. Patterned t-shirt models paired with sparkly skirts make great party combinations. When a trouser jacket in monochrome colors is worn inside the suit, the patterned t-shirt becomes official. Worn while exercising, spending time at home, taking a coffee break while shopping, printed t-shirts pair easily with almost any outfit. The main feature that makes colored t-shirts a key part of wardrobes, which are indispensable for almost all occasions, is undoubtedly that they can easily match with every other piece.

Printed T-Shirt Combination Suggestions

Multi-printed t-shirt models are among the seasonal clothes of the wardrobes with different color options and patterns. It would be right to say that with the destruction of the usual fashion patterns a few seasons ago, it is not limited to the street style for patterned and colored t-shirts and is completed with every combination. You can examine the Quzu designs to find the model that best reflects you in slogan-printed, animal-patterned, embroidered or floral-detailed t-shirt options.

The way to create a sporty or classic style with patterned t-shirts, which are preferred by those who do not compromise on their elegance at all hours of the day, is to match the right pieces. For example; You can achieve a comfortable and stylish look with a cropped t-shirt and tights combination printed in vibrant colors. When you pair the same t-shirt with a long jacket and classic cut fabric trousers, you can adapt it to your office style. It will be a guide for you to determine the other pieces you will wear along with the printed t-shirt models according to the event you will attend. You can easily adapt printed t-shirts to different styles to wear in day and night events such as a formal business meeting, lunch with close friends, a morning walk, an invitation to be accompanied in the evening.

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How to Achieve Color Matching with Printed T-Shirts?

To make a printed t-shirt stand out, it would be a good choice if the piece you combine is a solid color. For example, you can combine the Tropical Leopard Printed Crop T-shirt model in the Quzu T-shirt category with white jeans. On the other hand, if you don't want to stick to the colors that make up the pattern on the t-shirt, you can use minimalist color choices for complementary pieces such as shirts, trousers, skirts or jackets. For example; Trock Printed T-Shirt Parachute trousers designed from denim fabric can be a good choice for anthracite. The most obvious way to make your t-shirt a star piece is that the clothes you combine with patterned cropped t-shirts are not in dominant color tones. The self-patterned fabrics and asymmetrical cuts of the complementary outfits combined with the printed t-shirts make the style look stifled and complex. Color options paired with multi-printed t-shirt models are listed as follows:

  • Pastel colors:

Pink , yellow, blue, green, lilac colors and their undertones

  • neutral colors

Beige and brown tones

  • minimalist colors

Black, white, anthracite, navy blue

  • neon colors

Fuchsia, orange, purple, sax blue, pistachio green

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How to Choose Patterned T-Shirt Models According to Body Type?

Considering your body type while creating your wardrobe style means choosing the pieces that suit you according to the models and cuts among the clothes designed in different colors and patterns. Choosing the right t-shirt model not only prevents you from looking overweight, but also creates a balance between your upper and lower body. Thus, you can feel stylish and comfortable in any environment.

What Are the Details to Consider When Choosing Patterned T-Shirts According to Body Type?

  • The width of the print on the t-shirt should be proportional to the upper body size.

  • Patterned cropped t-shirts expose the waist area. Therefore, it is the ideal cut for the hourglass body type.

  • Oversized printed t-shirts can make you look fatter as the shoulder cut extends to the arm's length. Those who do not want the t-shirt to look too loose should choose one size smaller.

  • The light color options among the patterned T-shirts make the upper body appear thinner than it is.

  • Prints designed on dark tones help the upper body appear longer.

  • T-shirts with sleeveless cut pattern will increase the shoulder distance and balance the proportion.

Printed t-shirts, which are indispensable for stylish women, can be easily combined in all seasons. You can visit to discover Quzu's multi-printed t-shirt models and create your own style.

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