Pack your Holiday Suitcase with Quzu

Tatil Bavulunu Quzu ile Hazırla

Pack your Holiday Suitcase with Quzu

As the summer months approach, vacation plans begin to take shape. Those who want to relieve the tiredness of a whole year are looking forward to being alone with the sea, sun, sand and natural beauties. Of course, holiday plans are not limited to the sea and the sun. It is possible to plan a holiday for different purposes such as sports, nature activities or boat tours. It is very important to create a complete holiday luggage list when going on vacation. In order to spend your holiday regularly and comfortably, you should prepare your suitcase carefully and do not forget to take spare parts with you. So, what should you put in your holiday suitcase and what should you pay attention to when preparing a suitcase? All the details you need to know about suitcase preparation are waiting for you in our content.

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Pay Attention to These While Making a Vacation Luggage List

Meticulously determining the products that should be with you during the holiday and preparing your suitcase carefully will help you have a pleasant holiday period. In order to best store your clothes in the suitcase, you can pay attention to the following points:

  • Taking a light and adequately sized suitcase with you when you go on vacation will allow you to move more comfortably on the trip. By choosing a medium-sized suitcase, you can carry your suitcase more easily throughout your journey and you will not experience any movement restrictions during transfers.

  • When you go on vacation, you should take care to choose clothes suitable for the route. When making a luggage list, you can give priority to the clothes you need to take with you, and then add extra items to the suitcase so that it does not take up much space.

  • If you want to prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled in your suitcase, you can put your clothes in the suitcase in the form of a roll. Moreover, it is possible to put more items in your suitcase by placing your clothes in this way.

  • If you are going to participate in various activities during the holiday, you can place your belongings in vacuum bags. Vacuum bags prevent air gap, allowing you to use the suitcase more efficiently.

  • In order to use the small pockets of your suitcase effectively, you can put items such as glasses, scarves, socks and buckles in these sections and save space.

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What to Have in your Vacation Suitcase

For a pleasant holiday, you can choose products suitable for your destination, weather conditions and holiday purpose, and you can look stylish during your holiday. The products you need to take with you while preparing your holiday suitcase in summer may be as follows:

  • Mini dress: Mini dresses are among the products that you will use frequently on holiday as they are timeless. You can choose the underwired underwire ecru mini dress model for both dinners and friends meetings, and you can dazzle by creating a contrast with your bronze skin.

  • Thin jacket: Thin jacket models serve as a savior in the cool evenings of summer months. Linen Blazer Jacket Natural product, which is among the linen products, is a piece that you can easily combine with any outfit with its oversize pattern and beige color. You can combine shorts and mini skirts with your linen jacket.

  • Denim shorts: Denim shorts models are indispensable for holiday suitcases. Dark blue, colorful or white… You can be the coolest girl of the holiday with denim shorts that you can find in many different colors. For a rebellious look, you can choose Ripped Detailed Denim Shorts . If you wish, you can create savior suits with denim shorts and jackets by taking a denim jacket with you.

  • Strap Dress: Long dress models with straps offer a fresh use in summer days. If you want a bohemian look, you can complete the Cross Strap Long Linen Dress model with ethnic sandals and stylish tote bags.

  • Short Skirt: It is possible to spend a comfortable summer holiday with short skirts . For a comfortable and modern look, you can choose the Slit Detailed Shorts Skirt Stone model, and you can combine the skirt of shorts with colorful bustiers.

You can also consider the above suggestions while preparing your holiday suitcase. You can complete your holiday shopping with the products in the Quzu collections and draw attention with your style throughout the holiday.

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