Let the Power of Colors Reflect on Your Combination!

Renklerin Gücü Kombininize Yansısın!

Let the Power of Colors Reflect on Your Combination

One of the most practical and effective ways to improve mood and overall mood is to use the power of colors in clothes. Thanks to this technique, which has been confirmed in many scientific studies, you can have a more joyful day or create a professional aura in a job interview. Of course, each color has a different effect on emotion, energy or stress. If you want to look and feel dynamic and cheerful in every situation with the energy of colors, you can find all the tips in this article.

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What are the Effects of Colors on Combination Energy?

Before making color combinations, it is important to learn which color is suitable for what situations and how it affects your mood. Here are the effects on colors and combination energy:

  • Red: Red is one of the colors associated with passion, power and desire. Therefore, a red mini dress can be a good idea to get all the attention when going on a date or at a weekend party.

  • Blue: Reminiscent of the sky, the blue color gives a calming and serene atmosphere. You can choose blue tracksuits to catch a calm mood at home or at a weekend brunch meeting.

  • Green: Reminiscent of freshness and harmony, green is ideal for creating a safe atmosphere in the office. You can create a professional look by combining a trouser-jacket set in duck head green tones with nude stilettos.

  • Pink: The color of creativity, kindness and independence, pink suits any moment when you want to balance elegance and charm. That's why you can save pink midi dresses for exciting and romantic days like a first date.

  • White: Evoking new hope, white can accompany the first day of work, the first class hour, or any first moment in your life. You can create a monochrome style with a white jogger , t-shirt and blazer to turn white into a casual combination.

  • Mint: Reminiscent of freshness and freshness, mint is especially suitable for the regenerative energy of spring with its pastel tone. On a warm spring day, you can create smart and stylish combinations with mint skirts and jackets .

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Combination Suggestions with Trend Colors of the Season

As in every season, trend colors determined by Pantone in 2023 should definitely be in your wardrobe in order to increase the energy of the combi in the most elegant way. The trend color of the season, blue and pink tones, can be a great choice for bold and cheerful looks.

Pantone 2023 Viva Magenta toned blouse can be combined with a blue skirt and high-heeled shoes to increase the dose of party elegance. To reflect the harmony of contrasts, you can create a high-energy combination by wearing an apple mint blazer over powder pink pants and a white strappy blouse.

You can create a cheerful and assertive combination by combining a satin knot detailed midi skirt , a pull-down collar powder pink blouse and sparkling accessories to attract all eyes at the weekend party.

Complementing casual clothes such as cargo pants, which are the favorites of this season, with a lilac crop blazer and sneakers can be a great choice to increase your energy with colors. For casual combinations like green gabardine jeans and a basic t-shirt, you can choose a sax blue blazer or pearl button tweed jacket, which is a versatile color. If you are looking for colorful combination suggestions especially for spring, you should definitely give fuchsia pink a chance. By combining fuchsia tweed cropped shirt and skirt sets with slip-on white shoes, you can reflect the warmth of spring and summer in an ultra feminine way.

Whether in the office or in daily life, you can buy the most colorful women's clothing models with Quzu privileges to increase your energy and look cool!

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