Glamorous Color of the Season; Cobalt Blue!

Sezonun Göz Alıcı Rengi; Kobalt Mavisi!

Eye-catching Color of the Season: Cobalt Blue!

The trendy color of the year 2023, according to the Pantone Color Institute, is Viva Magenta, but the colors aren't limited to this pretty purplish pink, of course. Because 2023 is a color year affected by technological developments. For example, galactic cobalt represents the evolving meta universe and the space age we live in. That's why you can often see vibrant blues and pinks in shop windows. If you want to be a part of this modern age, you can make unique combinations with cobalt blue and inspire street fashion with your own style. Because the most important feature of cobalt blue is that it adapts to almost every skin color and looks perfect especially with contrasting colors. Contrasting colors of cobalt blue are citrus colors. However, shades of blue also look great with neutral colors like purple, pink, yellow and, of course, white. You can freely combine cobalt blue, a lively and mysterious color, and reshape your looks around blue tones.

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Colors That Can Be Combined With Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is very similar to indigo and sax blue as it has a vibrant, bright and eye-catching tone. However, cobalt blue has a slightly more pastel undertone. In this way, it is perfectly combined with both bright and other pastel colors. For example, you can wear a cobalt blue shirt with indigo jeans, and choose your accessories in navy blue. For a more lively combination, it is enough to choose fuchsia shoes and accessories. But if you want to make more striking combinations inspired by cobalt blue, you can choose lemon yellow, orange orange or lilac purple instead of neutral colors like white or black. If you want to make more use of cobalt blue, you can always use the biggest and most flashy piece of your combination in this blue color, and keep other different colored pieces to a minimum. For example, you can wear a cobalt blue dress, mustard yellow sandals, a neon pink handbag and colorful small jewelry. Regardless of whether it is a cobalt blue t-shirt, skirt, shirt or dress, you can create modern looks by choosing this magnificent color in your combination, and show your own style with the trendy colors of the year.

Combination Suggestion with the Trend Color of the Season

Since cobalt blue is a very vibrant color, you can look remarkable even if you have a small piece on it. Because this pleasant blue has a unique tone like sax or indigo and an eye-catching light. In this way, you can use it in both daily and special invitation combinations. Of course, it is also possible to get a sporty style by choosing a cobalt blue t-shirt and sweatpants. In casual wear, you can choose blue pants with side slits and a fuchsia crop t-shirt, or you can use cobalt blue pieces from head to toe for a monochrome combination. In such a combination, you can pair a knot detail blue crop top, textured wide-leg blue trousers and of course, blue sandals. Thus, you can create a modern combination of cobalt blue. On the other hand, this is also very suitable for pairing with blue patterned outfits. A shirt with energetic colors such as yellow, green, fuchsia, pink, orange or red, cobalt blue pleated skirt and yellow sandals can be the perfect summer combination.

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Modern Combinations with 2023 Trend Color Suggestions

In addition to Viva Magenta, oil green, cobalt blue, lapis blue, beet purple, dark red, citrus and peach colors are also in the foreground. Therefore, a colorful fashion year may be waiting for you. In order to make modern combinations, you may need to review your wardrobe and make room for these favorite colors. While a few tones of green, blue, yellow and pink are among the trend colors, of course, there are many undertones of colors such as gray, brown and beige. In this way, you can start matching in your wardrobe by choosing the color you want. If you like striking colors, you can put the cobalt blue in the center and match the other pieces according to their harmony. For example, you can consider cobalt blue knitwear oversized sweater models as a dress, and you can combine them with white ruffled socks and sax blue Mary Jane shoes. Cobalt blue is very popular in outerwear as well as top and bottom clothing options. You can wear a blue shirred blouse and fuchsia shorts and complement it with a blazer jacket model. Since cobalt blue will appear with sweaters, skirts, dresses, shirts, trousers and many more, you can continue to use this pleasant color from summer to winter. If you want to include the fascinating tone of cobalt blue in your combinations, you can take a look at all the blue pieces in the Quzu collections.

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